2 Weeks of Holistic Business Consultance

2 Weeks of Holistic Business Consultance


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After  working 6 years as a marketing manager and brand consultant in different agencies and one of the biggest media houses worldwide, I learned how everything is connected on an energetic level also in the business world. The fact that a company is the result of how human beings interact, fascinated me, as every human being brings as an individual soul an inner plan for this life, personal desires and talents but also personal blockades into the several teams and into the company. Sometimes the brand itself is impacted by the internal matters and energies. I combine my profound knowledge in brand consultance with my Spiritual Coaching to form a Holistic Business Conultance – based on energies, not on key figures.

For three weeks, I come visit your company and dive deep into the structures and also personal challenges. We work on clarifying and healing the company´s structure and work on chances of personal development.  The consultance will be held in German. After Your booking I will contact you within 24h to make an appointment, when to start.

If this doesn't suit you, please contact me via leonie@maati-maati.com for an individual offer for your company.

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