Golden Hour, Schatten einer Frau an einer Hauswand. Sie hält in einer Hand einen Ohrring der die Form einer Hand hat, den anderen trägt sie.

Apollon and Aphrodite

The first ever MAATÏ MAATÏ earrings have finally dropped and we couldn’t be more in love! They honestly make us wonder why other jewelry exists. 
The two designs are part of the energized Oracle of Delphi Collection: one-of-a-kind golden statement pieces, each one dedicated to one of the Greek Gods and Goddesses on the Olymp. Naturally, the designs of our first earrings also embody two delicious divine energies…
So, without further preamble, here are Apollon and Aphrodite!



Are you ready for Unconditional (Self-)Love? Connect to your sensuality, beauty and femininity with Aphrodite!
Aphrodite (Ἀφροδίτη) is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and sensuality. Unconditional love is one of the highest possible frequencies. Its power is limitless and heals every wound. Being in the state of unconditional love makes you feel complete and safe to connect with your divine femininity. Aphrodite is an intuitive Goddess who allows herself to witness and receive all the goodness and abundance around her. She trusts the natural flow of life and opens up to the frequency of pure love. Let her guide you and open wide to the deliciousness of life. The little things in life are manifested divine love - gifted to you, Goddess. Connect with your inner Aphrodite!

The Aphrodite earrings are an eye-catcher with any outfit, no matter how casual. They’re also the perfect complement to the Aphrodite Collier for when you’re looking for that extra glamour ✨
Are you longing for more flow and connection? Invite ease and creativity with Apollon!

Apollon (Ἀπόλλων) is the Olympian god of creativity, music, poetry, art, oracles, design and flexibility. His energy opens us up to the abundance of opportunities available to us. His energy gives us access to new ideas and viewpoints, even knowledge from past lives. We can connect our own experiences to the treasure of experience shared by other people. The Apollon Energy strengthens our individual responsibility to follow our individual path, finding creative new solutions, but also going “hand in hand” socially, creating a community with like-minded souls. 
The qualities of this energy include ease, playfulness and freedom. Where we have an ‘energy jam’ or are holding on too tightly, it helps things to flow again and brings agility back into our bodies and lives. It strengthens the playful trust of our inner child and enhances our heart’s communication.
Ready to create the playful life in freedom you've always wanted to live?
The MAATÏ MAATÏ earrings are energized by MAATÏ MAATÏ founder Leonie Lepenos. She works as a High Life Energy Healer and is Ascended Master Coach.
Handcrafted solid brass made bracelet gold plated with 24 Karat Gold. Hand made by Ketut, a Balinese angel and friend of Leonie.
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