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SAT NAM Collection

A Journey through the Desert of Life to ourselves.
Finding our truthful Soul at the end of the Path.

Wandering through the desert. Step by Step. On our very personal path to truth. The one. Being loyal to ourselves - our soul. No longer playing roles in life, but living our true self. Honest and open. Trusting in the path, we are on. Guiding us into the freedom of knowing. Truth. Sat Nam.

All pieces of Our Collection SAT NAM are an energetic support to live powerfully our truth - our essence and our souls in this life and consciously taking our place on earth. It's about deep loyalty towards ourselves - at the soul level. To integrate what we are essentially: the universe in us in everyday earthly existence. 


Energies of this collection: warm, red-golden, earthy, grounding, rooting, pulsating, vibrating, powerful. At the same time higher frequencies in a bright golden, crystal clear light ray from the the source energy. Light Beings: Sanat Kumara, Kuthumi, Earth Spirits and Crystalline Elohim Rays. Deep roots to be ready for the high frequencies of the new world. Also some ancient energies of the old Yogi Wisdom are present here.

True to the motto Sat Nam and the collection of the same name - Living Your Truth.

A homage to the truthfulness and a loving memory of our essence: the divinity in each of us.


A union to Show Up and Speak Up for ourselves and our Truth.

This collection was developed over a period of one year by our founder and medium Leonie Lepenos. Channelled, received, designed, created, manifested. A conscious process of Serving for the Highest Best. Using each and every collection as a channel to inspire duality with higher realm wisdom.

Leonie about the development of the SAT NAM Collection:
"I have been travelling through the desert of Morocco this year in February. There I had the deja-vu - of my visions I saw in deep meditative channellings before: Wandering through the desert. Remembering of who I was. Walking the Path of Remembering of my True Essence. For finding Truth. This is where the pictures of this collection were take: In the Desert of Morocco, where I remembered and knew now it is the right time to bring this collection to life by manifesting the (un)seen energies into reality." 

10% of every sold piece of this collection are donated to the Sat Nam Foundation, which is a nonprofit organisation, that guide those in need through a Holistic Approach of Financial Support plus Yoga and Spiritual Guidance to support their Healing.

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