Our Founder

Leonie Lepenos is a yoga teacher herself and wanted to create the best yoga mat on the market - sustainable, with the perfect grip, an extra cushion for your knees and ellbows and with a delicate design. So she travelled to Portugal to the cork farmers and developed over 2 years her personally perfect yoga mat. Since then she produces in the manufactory in Portugal and supports with her work local farmers and artists. On top 10 % of every sold product are donated to different charity projects, which are symbolized through the product designs.

Leonie believes, that every product has its own energy - so it´s not only about the perfect natural material and good smell for example - but also that every single MAATÏ MAATÏ piece is made by happy and healthy souls - filled with high vibes.

Leonie Lepenos is not only MAATÏ MAATÏ founder & CEO, but also Energy Healer,  High Life Coach, Meditation Trainer, Ascended Master Medium and Soul Reader.

More information about her and her work you find via leonielepenos.com


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