Heart Work - No Hard Work

Heart Work - No Hard Work

The Black Tourmaline Pendant 


The Tourmaline Crystal Pendant for protection of your energy and Support healing your heart

The black tourmaline is a powerful healing gem stone to support you in protecting your energy and staying focused in your heart chakra. Talking about energetic protection and energy healing, the tourmaline is the most powerful crystal. It truly can transform low vibrational energies into higher ones. Like a natural filter, it protects you from dark, toxic, unhealthy frequencies from your surroundings - so that you still be aware of the situations, that might teach you lessons, going in alignment through these important experiences without losing yourself, staying centered. it’s a supportive tool for your healing work in your daily life routine.

The motto of this MAATÏ MAATÏ gem, what came through in a meditation: 
„No hard work, but heart work.“

Allow yourself to make it easier for yourself - to get the support - to vibrate in the frequency of love, stay in your high vibrational energetic field. Easen your inner work, you got to do.


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