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Heaven on Earth Launch - The Block is your Blessing Edition

Welcome to The 111% Angel Collection, beloved soulMAATÏs.

With our latest collection launch we want to dive deeper into the complex question of: What is Heaven on Earth? 

Is it a place? A Location? Or a state? Is it far away or maybe right here? Right in front of you and me? In the midst of the chaos? Beyond the drama, behind the doubts, the fear, all that duality distraction? Maybe “Heaven on Earth” is self made. Maybe it appears after all the inner work. Or maybe we don’t even have to actively do anything to achieve it, because it is here anyway. We just have to listen. We just have to open our eyes, our ears and our hearts. To feel, to see, to hear it. Because Heaven on Earth is here. Right here. And right now. Not in the future - not only after 8053850 manifestations and another 9859483 self improvement courses. Maybe all that hard work on us isn’t even needed. Maybe we can just meet it - in deep (self) trust and love…in that frequency. I believe it is here. Right here - with you. Because you are Heaven on Earth. And you can create it. Anytime. In this moment - with your own energy. How you do that? Be fully honest with you - what makes you feel like heaven…? That’s how you create it…Get creative! Do it your way! And oh please - don’t get dogmatic over it, have fun during that ride. That’s why we are here - to experience duality and create Heaven on Earth, remembering where we are coming from, what our natural angel state is like - what we did up there when we were free energy floating around, dancing and singing on clouds? We can do that here :) 

So…how to create that state? Do you feel it the best way when connecting with Nature? Is it in finding and sharing Love with other people? Is it in embodying your inner unstoppable self and your animalistic power and truest self? Or is it in direct energy work and the connection with higher realms - light beings of all kinds, like angels, Elohim, Ascended Masters and your Spirit Guides?

This Collection is a reminder to (re-) create that Heaven on Earth State within and then spread it. And allowing us to have fun while doing it. Exactly now. After all that darkness - or in the midst of all that darkness. We can transform duality right now into Heaven on Earth. Ready? Let’s go.

Oh and - also when connecting with Angel Energies - just a quickie quick info message coming through here, too: IT IS IN YOU, TOO. Not far away in other universes, that separation is over now. Right here, next to you, sitting at the coffee table having a cappuccino with you, my angel. Angels meet now. On Earth. And together we create Heaven.

 Out Now. 

We start with THE BLOCKS only.


And that´s the ground work we gotta do first. 

THE BLOCKS – Heaven on Earth. 

Explore your Inner Angel Now.

Angel Love, only love,

yours Leonie

P.S. And hey - sorry not sorry for ending this deep questioning here "salesy" - but also this one was a big part of my (Leonie´s) healing journey lately: Spirituality is holy - it is pure - my highest rule always has been and always will be to never ever manipulate you with the gift I got (channeling and knowing how to guide and manage energies) - so you can always feel safe with me and MAATÏ MAATÏ here as we serve for the highest best always and would never ever manipulate you. Therefore: It is okay to offer more openly what we got....oooouhhhh yes - because it is true magic :) So here we go, without any shame anymore for selling you MANIFESTED ENERGY <3  

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to purchase and angel up your life, yessssss <3 :) 

Love, only love,

yours Leonie

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