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The Ascended Master Kwan Yin - for a softer, more feminine, compassionate approach in the business world

Kwan Yin and THE BLOCKS 🌸

We regularly connect with the divine feminine energy of Kwan Yin - goddess of compassion. 🐚 For us at MAATÏ MAATÏ it is our highest goal to lead this company consciously in alignment with universal guidance and our soul‘s plan. A big and important topic in the usually very ego-driven, male business world is to become softer and compassionate with a more feminine approach. This doesn’t have something to do with genders, if we are in a male or female body, but it comes to energies. We all have male and female energies and parts within us. Let’s allow ourselves more and more to embody in the business world also the softer, quieter, more loving and compassionate female approach of working and co-creating together 🐚 This is to you, Kwan Yin - an ode to your loving support from Minute one here at MAATÏ MAATÏ. In deepest gratitude. 🙏🏼 Let’s try to remind us more often to express our softer, more vulnerable, compassionate, loving part in the business world - allow your soul to be and shine how it truly feels authentic - no matter in which area of your life. This is how we change the world together into a more loving place 🕊️🌸🐚

Kwan Yin, the compassionate ascended master, embodies boundless love and mercy. Her presence brings solace to weary hearts, guiding souls through life's storms with gentle wisdom and softness. As the embodiment of compassion, she uplifts all beings, offering a tranquil refuge where suffering transforms into enlightenment. In her grace, we find the path to inner peace and the unity of all existence. We learn how sometimes showing us vulnerable can be our greatest strength - as a leader - in the business context.

Spend a few moments in silent contemplation, allowing yourself to feel Kwan Yin's energy and guidance. Trust your intuition and any insights that arise.

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