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Maati Maati

Energy Rising Kit

Energy Rising Kit

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This bundle is the perfect kit for energy rising and to bring in some light into darkness and level up those frequencies by yourself!

    The energy rise kit includes:

    • 1 x Selenite Crystal
    • 1 x hand rolled Nepalese Incense sticks 
    • 1 x channelled handwritten light affirmation 

    Comes in a cute original MAATÏ MAATÏ velvet bag - to carry the light around for always being prepared wherever you might go or travel!


    Our Tibetan Incense Sticks:

    The handrolled Tibetan Incense stick from Nepal is a soft and light blend of red and white sandalwood, saffron and black and white cardamom. Produced by hand by Buddhist monks in meditation in the Himalaya - from the pulverisation process of the ingredients until the rolling: everything is made by conscious souls and happy hands fair trade and in alignment with the sacred traditions of buddhism - for the highest best. 


    Our Selenite Crystal:

    The selenite crystal is referred to as “liquid light”. This  nickname is indicative of the way in which it functions as a gentle yet effective healing tool and shifter of energies. In clearing out stagnant and heavy energies, selenite allows for a flow of energy – new and joyous energy – that is liquid-like. 
    If your heart and mind feel weighed down by anxious thoughts or a troubled history, you should welcome the uplifting energy of selenite into your life. Its simple presence will set you free from the heavy anchors.
    The high-vibrations found in these sparkling white gemstones are capable of flooding your personal energy field with an abundance of light, clarity, and calm. In doing so, you are transported to a higher state of consciousness. Provided you care for your selenite crystal properly, its capacity for restoring your auric field and rejuvenating your physical body is infinite. 
    The selenite stone was named after the moon by J.G. Wallerius upon its discovery in 1747. “Selene” was the name of the Greek goddess of the moon and so, naming this beautifully pale blue white crystal in honour of her seemed a fitting tribute. 
    While having roots in Greek mythology, the word “selenite” has profound spiritual implications too. It evokes the energy of the divine feminine and the deep rejuvenation associated with this ancient archetype.

    Recommended Ritual

    [developed by our founder and energy healer Leonie Lepenos]

    Step 1:

    Use a lighter to ignite your stick and start the energy rising frequency transformation now. It lightens up your environment, your home, your mind and soul. This sacred stick transforms these into brighter, upleveling vibes! The perfect preparation to creat some upleveling high vibing energy! Walk around, waft the burning incense stick around and focus especially on corners to bring light into the darkest corners and hidden shadows. Visualize: You are the light bringer.

    Step 2:

    Sit down in a comfortable seated position and open your handwritten affirmation, channeled by our founder and energy healer Leonie Lepenos herself.

    This is your personal message received from higher realms. No affirmation exists more than once. So befriend yourself with your very personal message from universe and feel beyond the words, even though it might not make sense for you in the beginning on the mind level.

    Read the affirmation out loud. Repeat for 3 times. Hold the affirmation paper in your left hand and bring it onto your heart, hold it in front of your heart chakra - hold it there for a few seconds - breathe in deeply… inhale the energy of this powerful affirmation, really suck it in…with every cell of your body - let it sink in…and then exhale - release.

    Step 3:
    Grab your Selenite Crystal and lay down on your back in Savasana pose. Let go and surrender to Mother Earth. Trust your intuition where in your body you need the light the most - hold the crystal mindfully in your hand or place it on your heart chakra or third eye or even on your belly or other organs. Then close your eyes for some minutes. Feel the Selenite crystal energy on your body- flowing into your body, fulfilling your entire body energy system - visualize pure white light. Focus more and more on this light and connect with its energy. Repeat the following mantra within: „I am pure light, light is within me, light is around me, I shine in crystal clear light and bring light into this world.”

    Step 4: 

    Feel the lightful energy in the room - in the space. Within you and around you. Feel what just has shifted.  clarified and this new sacred space you have created there. Say thank you - show and feel gratitude deep within.

    When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and find a special place to put the selenitr crystal and the affirmation to always remind you of being pure light.



    Comes in a MAATÏ MAATÏ vEl get bag  

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