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A movement of hope. To show a higher attitude. To fight for light. To take full responsibility to help transform this world energetically. To believe. In the good. Stay in the frequency of trust, love, peace and HOPE. For a better world - we got the support from god goddess universe. We see you. We love you. SoulMAATÏ power full on. To stand up. To shine even brighter in the darkest times. To keep a cool mind, a fresh brain, protected thoughts, guided from your inner wisdom, listening to your intuition, to stay focused. A reminder - to keep believing and hoping and leveling up, elevating the globe. With our thoughts, our powerful mind. A cap to protect and remind you of your truest essence.

10% are donated to Visions for Children eV.

Additional 10% this time go to our community of THE SACRED SPACE. To offer free energy healings for people in need from now on.

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