The Shawls - Holistic Meditation Scarf: EL MORYA – Maati Maati


The Shawls - Holistic Meditation Scarf: EL MORYA

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El Morya Khan was a Prince, born in Radjut, India.

Spiritual people believe that he is an ascended master.

His eyes are wonderful shining, sparkling and he loves to sit cross-legged. His favorite colour is blue, he´s practicing Yoga and likes the desert and cactus. The energy of El Morya helps you to empower your intuition and gives you inner peace, confidence, basic trust and courage. Courage to start something new, to be happily excited for life and everything that is about to come.

The holy sign in the centre of the shawl symbolizes the precious stone sapphire, that is worn by El Morya as third eye on his forehead.

The spirit animal lion is the majestic sovereign king full of love and inner strength.

Be ready for everything that is coming, waiting for you. And then fight like a lion for what makes you happy and fulfills your soul!

The pattern was developed while meditating, when we were connected with El Morya himself. The Shawl is energized. 


Size: 180 x 70 cm (the size of a Yogamat)

Material: 90% Modal, 10% Cashmere 

Handcrafted in an Italian family owned manufacture at the wonderful Lago di Como.

10% of the sold scarf EL MORYA is donated to WWF, we are partner of the new lion project.

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