MAATÏ MAATÏ stands for Spiritual Luxury. Luxury for the soul. Let your soul shine bright, feel the good vibes, spread the happiness!  
Leonie Lepenos, the founder, was brought up across cultures – born to a Greek father and German mother in a creative hub that is Berlin. First visited the Berlin Acting School and then studied Business Administrations, Marketing and Public Relations. After spending some years working for a big publisher as a creative brand consultant, her true calling found her, when she was meditating to level her stress from work. She got a clear vision, channeled the business plan of MAATÏ MAATÏ and then decided to no longer make compromises in regards to her future and to follow her heart, her soul - and to trust her third eye. That´s why she founded and named it MAATÏ MAATÏ, which means „eye“ in greek. 
Berlin girls are straight forward by nature and know exactly what they want.  And she´s got it on top in her DNA: This greek mentality just to do it. Combined with the deep belief, that everything happens for a reason and this reason will be a really good one. She started to follow her given way on her spiritual journey and wants to show people, that spirituality can be lived in a modern and beautiful way.
"It´s not about moving into a cave, breaking up with all your relationships and wearing ugly old jute clothes, while joining a cult, wearing a turban and singing mantras all day long! I want people to change this old image of spirituality in their mind. It´s about something wonderful magic, everybody has within, it´s about shining your light, living your life to the fullest and just being happy! ", Leonie says. 
Her highest aim is to make this world a bit happier and better. Therefore she is training her long breath not to give up and always stick to her idea – with Yoga.