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MAATÏ MAATÏ stands for Spiritual Luxury. Luxury for the soul. Allowing us to experience the rich life - expanding in abundance on the soul level to make this journey here a special one. Freeing ourselves from outdated pattern, transform and heal. This is what Spiritual Luxury truly is about. An abundant freedom state. 
Leonie Lepenos, the founder, was brought up across cultures – born to a Greek father and German mother in a creative hub that is Berlin. First visited the Berlin Acting School and then studied Business Administrations, Marketing and Public Relations. After her near-death-experience at the age of 22, she awakened and got a clear vision: MAATÏ MAATÏ. 

Some years after that, in 2017, she decided to no longer make compromises in regards to her future and to follow her heart and soul instead - and to trust her third eye. That´s why she founded and named it MAATÏ MAATÏ, which means „eye “ in greek. 
Besides leading MAATÏ MAATÏ in love, Leonie supports today energetically thousands of people on their healing journey. She works as a medium and healer and guides internationally people to their transformation. Most of her workshops take place online and offline in Athens, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. More info via leonielepenos.com

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