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Our Philosophy



Overall we desire for the world´s humanity to change its daily thinking and acting. We believe that happiness is an active decision and if some smart people decide to do so, they increase the frequency of the positive energy and inspire more and more people, who can feel the good vibes. And so our world can become a better place.  

With beauty! Because beautiful things make happy. So, does that mean that we are superficial? Not at all! We are convinced, that colors, designs, pattern and holy symbols influence your soul. Pure beauty makes our hearts beat faster and vibrate higher! Joy and happiness are beautifully contagious. This is why we present you with MAATÏ MAATÏ holistic designs, energized products and a wonderful life spirit. Come with us on this journey and feel good! 

We are happy SoulMAATÏs as we actually deeply believe that there is good in the world. We want to show you that it is possible to live ethically and acting economically and successful at the same time. Yes, it is possible to live a lifefull of wonder and spirituality in a modern stylish version without changing external circumstances. This is something wonderful that happens inside of you. We take the first step and give you a holistic concept with wonderful designs that may make every involved one a bit happier. 

We donate 10% of our revenue to aid projects. Find all specified information about these different projects in the product details.

Transparency is one of our most important values. We indicate under every product where the production takes place. We only collaborate with manufacturer that comply our strict and essential selection rules, which represent our core values.

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