Money is energy, energy is love. We want to give some love back.

10% of every sold piece is donated to an aid project, which is symbolized through the product design. You don´t have to do anything, just enjoy your shopping experience, we directly transfer 10 percent of the paid price to the non-profit-organization, you have chosen with your design.

Elephant Family is a charity project, that protects Asian elephants and their habitats. In recent years Elephant Family has supported over 160 field projects in six elephant range states: India, Thailand, Indonesia (Sumatra), Malaysia (Borneo), Myanmar and Cambodia. You support this project with buying THE BAG #savetheelephants or THE SHAWL Ra automatically.

Augen auf Ghana is an aid project, which heals blindness in Ghana through medicine, surgeries but also glasses and sunglasses. You help this non-profit-organization with buying THE BAG #lightinsight automatically.

Ionian Dolphin Project is an aid project to protect the dolphins in the Ionian Sea. They track and survey the bottlenose dolphins to help scientists understand and combat the main threats to them and their ecosystem. You help the dolphins with buying THE SHAWL Laozi or THE BAG #savethedolphins automatically.

WWF has a new lion project, which protects lions in Africa. You donate automatically to this organization with buying THE SHAWL El Morya.

Peace Tree  is our spiritual aid project, which travels around the world to plant peace trees and raise the energy while giving a piece of nature back into this earth. This project is supported with buying the cork products: THE MATS and THE BLOCKS. Also we give some money back to our cork farmers in Portugal, who harvest for us the cork oak trees to support the Portuguese flora and fauna.