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Kuthumi Bracelet

Kuthumi Bracelet


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Being patient with ourselves and work steadily and actively on ourselves:
Sat Nam - it's a Process.

This energetically charged bracelet is a mindfulness aid tool as part of the Sat Nam Collection - for your personal “Living Your Truth growth”- work - focused on the inside: Be True to Yourself. This motivative, very active “Checking -in Bracelet“ from MAATÏ MAATÏ is changed from left to the right - with an extra simple click closure - while Sanat Kumara (the master  energy in the Amulet) supports us energetically to open and transform towards Sat Nam energetically  - Kuthumi (who is the master energy in this bracelet) helps us to realistically integrate our freshly learned transformation into our everyday life. Because to change habits there is some patient work and training needed. An invite to patiently step by step work lovingly and patiently on us in a compassionate way. Because: it's a process. It's Growth. Kuthumi is an Ascended Master, who is deeply rooted with the wisdom of the earth - he teaches us to be patient with ourselves, to keep walking on our growth path, while staying realistic. He gifts us the powerful support and motivation as well as inner peace so that we can follow steadily our very own path with consistency – step by step towards our dreams and goals. The strength lies in peace - with deep roots and a lot of compassion for us and our journey and: our timing.

Whenever we catch ourselves not to have stood to our truth in a situation, we change our wrists. From left to right and right to the left - to deal in a playful yet conscious way with this duality in which we live in, and become more mindful. Thus we really learn to break through old patterns and to stand up for ourselves more and more and to live our truth. 

By wearing and using this bracelet actively, we will act more and more how it corresponds to our truth and our chosen faith system. And so we shape a more conscious world together - day after day. Hands on! Worn close to our hands, this Sat Nam Armband really supports us to consciously build our life in the new world - to create, because we really have it in our hands!

The bracelet is energetically charged with the supportive energies of energy worker and medium Leonie Lepenos, founder of MAATÏ MAATÏ. Handcrafted on Bali by Ketut. Channeled, designed and energized in Berlin and other spheres by Leonie and her crew on the other side.

24 Karat Gold plated Brass by Hand.
10% of every sold piece of this collection are donated to the Sat Nam Foundation, which is a nonprofit organisation, that guide those in need through a Holistic Approach of Financial Support plus Yoga and Spiritual Guidance to support their Healing.

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