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The Launch of Apollon - The Amulett

…a sacred ode to creativity and self-expression on the heart's stage.


As we wear the Apollon Amulett, we embrace the healing power of creativity, allowing it to flow in every aspect of our existence. It becomes a beacon of playfulness, ease, and cheerfulness, restoring the natural agility of our bodies and lives. Together, we form a community, hand in hand, supporting each other on this divine journey of self-discovery and creation.

While our bestselling Apollon earrings focus on the mind, the new Apollon Amulett goes deeper, resting gracefully above the heart chakra. Here, the Ascended Master energy of Apollon acts as a guide, helping us shed outdated beliefs and societal norms, fostering a profound transformation toward a life authentically chosen.

In the ancient tapestry of Greek mythology, Apollon, the Olympian god of creativity, music, poetry, and art, emerges as a radiant force guiding humanity towards the expansive realms of self-expression and divine inspiration.

Known for his mastery in the arts and the embodiment of the creative spirit, Apollon stands as a beacon, inviting us to explore the boundless landscapes of imagination and innovation. His energy, reflected in the newly launched Apollon Amulett, transcends mere adornment, seeking to infuse our lives with the very essence of his divine attributes.

Apollon's mythological narrative weaves a tale of diversity and opportunity. As the god of oracles, he opens the doors to new ideas and perspectives, connecting us not only to our own experiences but to the collective wisdom spanning across time and souls.

At the heart of Apollon's influence lies the transformative power of creativity. Beyond the superficial, his energy encourages us to dismantle outdated societal norms, allowing us to freely sculpt our lives in alignment with our truest selves. The principle of being in the flow, embodied by Apollon, beckons us to playfully navigate our individual paths while fostering connections with like-minded souls.

Apollon's divine qualities encompass ease, playfulness, and freedom. In moments of energetic stagnation, he reintroduces the flow, bringing agility back into our bodies and lives. This divine dance strengthens the trust of our inner child, enhancing heart-to-heart communication and supporting the creation of a life that resonates with the essence of our being.

As we delve into the depths of Apollon's mythology, let us embrace the wisdom he imparts – a call to live a life shaped by creativity, freedom, and an unwavering commitment to our individual paths. May Apollon, the god of creativity, guide us on a journey of self-expression and collective evolution, hand in hand with like-minded souls, in the grand tapestry of existence.

Apollon's energy beckons us to connect with the knowledge of our soul, unlocking the treasures of past lives and shared experiences. It encourages us to find our individual paths while fostering social bonds with like-minded souls. The Apollon Amulett becomes a symbol of freedom, trust, and the playful joy our inner child craves.

So, dear soulMAATÏs, let the Apollon Amulett be your guide as you step into a life crafted with conscious creativity. Embrace the flow, dance in the light, and become the creator of your existence – for the Highest Best forever.

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