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THE SHAWL Alpha Omega

THE SHAWL Alpha Omega

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THE SHAWL Alpha Omega is filled with the energy of positive power, life force, vitality and strength - in the state of pure, unconditional love. It makes you feel strong and powerful. You feel the life running through your veins, you feel alive and vital. This energized Shawl is a real energetic boost and is perfect for situations, where you have to stay strong, show up, lead people, act as a role model - always staying authentic and centered. It also supports you when you have to set limits and fight for your rights. Unconditional love for every being in this world and for your environment is the essence of this power to act in a positive way for the highest and best. Love is one of the highest and most powerful frequencies of energy and can actually also heal (people who were in the state of unconditional love: Jesus Christ, Mother Terese, Mahatma Gandhi). The Christus energy is very present in this shawl, but the shawl has no religious transfer. Love has no limits. Love is Power. Discover the Power of Love, get to know your inner power, dive into the state of unconditional love and inspire and lead people in a positive, powerful way full of love. The Spirit animal tiger is strong willed and gives you the needed courage to fight for love and stay focused on the good. Let yourself be guided to your inner power and feel pure love.

The pattern was developed while meditating, when we were connected with the Ascended Master Jesus Christus himself. The Shawl is energized.  


Size: 180 x 70 cm (the size of a Yogamat)

Material: 90% Modal, 10% Cashmere 

Handcrafted in an Italian family owned manufacture at the wonderful Lago di Como.

10% of the sold scarf are donated to the non-profit organization Shooting Stars for Children.

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