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Tigris | Τίγρης

Tigris | Τίγρης


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Protect yourself while setting boundaries

Energized Tigris Amulet

Tigris is the God of Tigers, the son of the God Apollo and Alcippe, Ares‘ daughter. Tigris is brave, swift and strong. He has the sharpest of visions, which enables him to see clearly, even from a distance. He inspires us with his deep insight into human nature, seeing right through people and situations. The Tiger is strong willed and encourages you to stand up for yourself and fight for justice while staying focused on the good. Let yourself be guided by your inner power while learning how to set healthyboundaries. Let your “No” become just as powerful as your “Yes”. Tigris provides energetic protection from lower vibrations and helps to shift your focus towards your highest and best. Sharpen your intuition for toxic situations and people to protect your energy. Are you ready to commit to a higher vibe to protect yourself? You decide.

Comes with a 60 cm necklace. The tiger pendant and necklace are handcrafted of solid brass and Gold plated with 24 Karat Gold.  Pendant tiger size: 33 X 23mm, weight: 6,7g

Made in Bali by an angel who saved Leonie Lepenos 3 years ago. Energized in Berlin by Leonie Lepenos.

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