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Sat Earrings

Sat Earrings


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The elephant embodies the earthly rooting frequency and the birds the divine - worn in the head area to be open for higher spheres and at the same time staying grounded and realistic by living (and thinking) our truth. It is energetically directly connected with our thoughts and supports us to remain clarity and consciousness in our mind - the balancing of the thoughts, understanding: we are not our thoughts. But we can control and lead them. To be able to make clear decisions from a lightful state. In harmony with our truth: Sat Nam. 

Sat (Sanskrit: सत्) is the root of many Sanskrit words. The Sanskrit root sat can be translated with truth, pure, truthful or absolute reality.

And exactly this is the energy of these shiny earrings. 

With its shiny radiant energy, it allows us to shine our beautiful light and supports us radiating brighter and more powerful while staying centered and balanced with a calm mind.

Energetically charged with the supportive energies of energy worker and medium Leonie Lepenos, founder of MAATÏ MAATÏ. Handcrafted on Bali by Leonie´s beloved friend Ketut. Channeled, designed and energized in Berlin and other spheres by Leonie and her crew on the other side. 24 Karat Gold plated Brass by hand. 

10% of every sold piece of this collection are donated to the Sat Nam Foundation, which is a nonprofit organisation, that guide those in need through a Holistic Approach of Financial Support plus Yoga and Spiritual Guidance to support their Healing.

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