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Energy Cleansing Kit

Energy Cleansing Kit


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This bundle is your perfect starter kit for energy cleansing and upleveling vibes to create some magic yourself!

The starter kit includes:

  • 1 x Sage
  • 1 x Palo Santo
  • 1 x Amethyst Crystal

Comes in a cute original MAATÏ MAATÏ velvet bag - to carry the magic around for always being prepared wherever you might go or travel!

Recommended Ritual

[developed by our founder and energy healer Leonie Lepenos]

Step 1:

Sage is well-known for energy cleansing. Use a lighter to ignite your sage and start the cleansing now. It purifies your environment, your home, your mind and soul. This sacred plant has antiseptic virtues and clarifies dark, low and bad vibes transforming these into brighter, upleveling vibes! The perfect preparation to create new space for some fresh energy! Walk around, waft the burning sage around and focus especially on corners to purify powerfully.


Step 2:

Open your windows for minimum 5 minutes to welcome fresh air and energy - you can walk around and repeat the following affirmation: „I let go off anything that does not serve me any longer.“


Step 3:

Ignite your Palo Santo Stick now - allowing it to burn for about one minute. Waft around the room, your home or workplace, or anywhere else you desire harmony. The rich smell will bring lightful, peaceful, warm and positive energy to the area. This natural holy incense originating in south america inspires peace and harmony thanks to its woody scent. This sacred wood promotes harmony, relaxation and meditation. Feel it?

Step 4:

Hold your Amethyst Crystal mindfully in your hands or place it on your heart chakra or third eye and close your eyes for a minute. Feel the fresh energy in the room, what you just have clarified and this new sacred space you have created there. Then focus more and more on the crystal and connect with its energy. May this transforming amethyst always keep the energy bright and clear and contains the freshly purified lightful vibes. Repeat the following mantra within: „From now on I focus on love and light and welcome the good vibes into my life. I open up for life‘s miracles, I am guided by the universe and I trust - in deep gratitude.“

When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and find a special place to put the amethyst crystal to always remind you of staying connected and conscious.



You can use the sage and palo santo stick many times. Listen to your Intuition. Please remember to exercise caution when working with fire. Act mindfully.


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